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Boldly Liberate Your Limitless Potential


Fearless. Empowered. Unstoppable!

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Our Purpose

At Limited to Limitless

Our purpose is to embolden you to fearlessly pursue your dreams and take control of your life. Through inspiration, guidance, and unwavering support, we help you break free from limitations and transform your potential into tangible results. By expanding your vision and instilling confidence, clarity, and control, we enable you to transcend traditional boundaries and embrace a life of liberation and success – on every level. We are dedicated to helping you realize your limitless potential, overcome challenges and fears, and create a thriving reality where you flourish personally, emotionally, and financially.

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About Lisa

The Founder and Director of Limited to Limitless

Greetings and Salutations, I am Lisa Murphy.

As the Founder and Leader of Limited to Limitless, I am thrilled to introduce myself as one of the coaches who has been passionately guiding individuals towards realizing their true potential for over 35 years. With a proven track record of empowering people to achieve more than they ever dreamed possible, I am dedicated to putting individuals into action rather than simply providing them with thoughts.

Embrace Your Extraordinary Journey


Are You Feeling Stuck in a “Rut” or Like an “imposter”? Many People may feel trapped in their current circumstances, lacking the confidence and clarity to break free and pursue their dreams. Some people feel that their dreams are out of reach.

We show you the exact steps to take to make the dream realistic and a part of your “real” everyday life.

Do you Experience a  Fear of Taking Action? Certain people may have aspirations and goals but are held back by fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt, preventing them from making progress.

We walk you through – daily, weekly, and monthly practices that replace those fears and doubts with knowing you deserve more!

Do you Find Yourself with a Lack of Support and Guidance? Vast numbers of people struggle to find the necessary guidance and support to navigate their journey towards success, feeling isolated and unsure of the steps to take.

We are your coaches, and coaching is the answer. Coaches are your “shortcut” to greatness!

Are you Suffering from Limited Vision and Un-Belief in Possibilities? Traditional societal norms and expectations may have limited your vision of what you believe you can achieve, hindering your ability to see the full range of possibilities available to you.

We understand how the “Not Knowing” can make it hard to see a vision for yourself. We have proven methods of shedding light into that dark abyss and helping you see the rainbows that abound! We believe you deserve to LIBERATE yourself and boldly move into the life you are capable of dreaming of!

Do you Find Yourself with Inconsistent Results and Frustration? Most of us have invested time, money, and effort into personal development, training, or learning but have not seen tangible results, leading to frustration and a sense of stagnation.

We believe you deserve not only to see what’s actually possible in your life and in your business or career but to have the plan that makes that possibility a reality.

A FREE Gift for You

You are among the select few who are driven to offer more to yourself, your family, your friends, and the world.

Because of that, I would like to offer you this free eBook, Unleash Your Limitless Potential - Taking inspired Action. 

My sincere hope is that you find some of the guidance and clarity you are seeking through the help of this book. Live a life without limits!

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Unleash Your Potential: Dive into our Inspiring YouTube Videos!

With quality videos, Limited to Limitless will motivate you with wit and wisdom to build your dreams. Search our library to find the perfect one for you.

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The Latest

Who We Are

At Limited to Limitless, we are known for unleashing the truly limitless potential of entrepreneurs and leaders, guiding them toward boundless transformation. Together, we'll unlock your inner power, ignite your passions, and create a future filled with purpose and abundance. Join us on this transformative journey and discover the extraordinary life that awaits you.

Lisa was awesome. She got to the crux of what I needed immediately and helped give me clarity over what I needed to do. She’s direct, clear and incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her as a coach.

S. Taylor

Open your life to limitless possibilities with Limited to Limitless:

  • Break free from the chains of limitation and embrace a life of liberty and success on every level

  • Empowerment to fearlessly pursue dreams and take control of your life

  • Provide inspiration, guidance, and unwavering support

  • Transform your potential into tangible results

  • Thrive personally, professionally, and financially by transcending traditional boundaries

The Impact of Coaching: International Insights

  • 80% of coached clients Claim: improved their self-esteem or self-confidence thanks to their coach.

  • 73% of coached clients report improving their relationships, communication skills, interpersonal skills, work performance, work/life balance, and wellness as a result of Live or 1:1 coaching.

  • 51% of companies that participate in coaching programs have higher revenues than other companies in their industry.

  • 68% of all people who hired coaches were able to make back their coaching investment via increased revenues in their business or through raises/promotions at work.

  • The median Return on Coaching Investment is 7x the original amount invested. 

Click HERE to learn more about LIVE and 1:1 Coaching Opportunities

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