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Wed, Jul 31


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Empowering Voices: Communications & Public Speaking Workshop

Do you struggle with overcoming the fear of speaking to strangers, especially in networking events? Feeling tongue-tied or nervous when presenting your ideas to potential clients or investors? Lacking confidence in your public speaking abilities, even though you know your subject well?

Empowering Voices: Communications & Public Speaking Workshop
Empowering Voices: Communications & Public Speaking Workshop

Time & Location

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Jul 31, 2024, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Virtual Event - Meet link will be sent

About the event

Lacking confidence in your public speaking abilities, even though you know your subject well?

Engaging your audience and keeping their attention throughout your presentation?

There's good news! 

You are not alone. These are common challenges faced by Entrepreneurs, students, and business people alike.

Imagine Dela, a great mother of one, pregnant with her second daughter and terrified of making video recordings of herself for her new business venture. Dela came to us with an overwhelming "Fear of Failure" and "Fear of (her) Voice."

Through our program, Dela not only gained confidence but also a new perspective on her personal strengths and successes. Now we are bringing that same system to you, with each step carefully designed to open your reticular activating systems in a manner that brings confidence and even joy to your public speaking ventures.

Are you ready to transform your public speaking skills and take your communication from limited to limitless? The Empowering Voices workshop series is designed to equip you with the tools and confidence to excel in any speaking situation, from concise elevator pitches to captivating keynote presentations. Whether you're a nervous novice or a seasoned speaker seeking refinement, this comprehensive program will hone your skills across the communication spectrum.

What You'll Master:

The 30-Second Powerhouse: Craft a compelling elevator speech that hooks listeners and leaves a lasting impression. Presentation Perfection: Design and deliver impactful 8-minute PowerPoint presentations that inform, engage, and persuade.

Interview Ace: Learn advanced interviewing techniques to conduct captivating conversations and elicit insightful responses.

Keynote Charisma: Develop the stage presence and storytelling prowess to deliver dynamic keynote presentations that inspire and ignite action.

Public Speaking Prowess: Develop an understanding of flow, punctual pauses, eye-contact, and physical variants to awe and impress even the most stubborn audiences.

Through interactive exercises, expert coaching, and personalized feedback, you'll gain:

  • Confident Delivery: Conquer stage fright and project your voice with clarity and poise.
  • Compelling Storytelling: Structure your message for maximum impact and weave narratives that resonate with your audience.
  • Active Listening: Master the art of attentive listening to conduct effective interviews and connect with your audience.
  • Audience Engagement: Utilize interactive techniques to keep your listeners captivated and invested in your message.

By the end of these workshops, you'll be equipped to:

  1. Deliver impactful presentations in any setting, from boardrooms to conferences.
  2. Conduct insightful interviews that draw out valuable information and tell compelling stories.
  3. Captivate audiences with dynamic keynote presentations that leave a lasting impact.
  4. Feel confident and prepared to speak up in any situation, propelling your career and personal success.

Upcoming Workshop Series:

We will be hosting several workshop series, each addressing the above topics in depth. These different series will provide you with continuous opportunities to refine your skills, practice new techniques, and receive valuable feedback.

Join us for an engaging and transformative experience that will empower you to communicate with confidence and clarity.

These workshops are for you when:

  • You want to overcome your fear of public speaking and become a confident communicator.
  • You need to deliver presentations that grab attention and achieve your goals.
  • You aspire to refine your interviewing skills and elicit powerful stories.
  • You dream of delivering impactful keynote presentations that inspire and motivate.

Invest in your voice. Register today and unlock the power of your communication!

Be Awesome - Lisa

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